On being thankful

On being thankful 24.08.2019

I seem to be looping back to something I have been reiterating for years now – the simple act of being thankful with what I (we) have. Over the years I have seen ( heard more ) people complaining about their lot in life – fortunes, wealth, happiness , whatever.

Truth be told life can be fairly straightforward once we get over the ego portion and the relentless comparing of oneself to others.

I can attest to reading so much over the topic of actualization ( over several years of management trainings and my own passion) and it never surprises me that many people fall short of this . The reasons can be varied, peer pressure, egotism but any way you look at it this pursuit is doomed to end in disappointment (unless you become a president !!)

I was triggered this week by Lolly Daskal ( my twitter feed suddenly sprung to life this week and I realized I had missed …well nothing much to be honest !). I digress – Lolly is an executive leadership coach with quite a following and several publications under her belt (https://www.lollydaskal.com/about-lolly/)

I can across a very simple tweet about how to succeed

This speaks to me personally, each row seems to strike a chord with me at present and I hope it will find meaning with anyone reading this today.

Of course there are also many, many, many publications that advise the “only” way to achieve all of this ( I prefer Gibb’s rules of course ,far more succinct)

I did however take to read Lolly’s advise on what struggles all Leaders face ( I am of course my own Leader, management , worker …) so I saw it as good advice when motivating myself 😊

It is also well worth the read (https://www.lollydaskal.com/leadership/6-struggles-every-leader-is-guaranteed-to-face/)

Quick summary for those that don’t have any time to read the full article.

Not doing the right thing

Leading through demands and control

Relying on unclear messages

Trying to persuade without inspiring

Refusing to delegate

Giving in to self-doubt

The week has been awesome, I had the chance to catch up with some family from Dyneema and as always am truly thankful for the opportunity. Health wise the days go by, the new regime certainly has brought a more stable pain level and although movement is still questionable I don’t have all the pain and spasms of a few months ago. We will continue!

While the week ahead looks to be a scorcher – my tomato plantation is still going strong and the snails and slugs have kept away thank goodness (although next week will be telling from the anticipated 30 degrees all week !)

Last but not least this tweet from Lolly also hits at how to reach a better state of awareness ( I remember a quote of Kahlil Gibrain on the subject of giving, “You give but little when you give of your possessions . It is when you give of yourself that you truly give “)

Music for the day is from Dave Vachon (currently waiting for feedback of the state of a brain tumour that will probably need chemo in the next weeks, really traumatic for him right now).

Have an awesome weekend and week ahead-stay cool !

Last word is again from Lolly ( Seth will be back !!!!)

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