“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”…Lilo & Stitch

My family is unconventional, furry and well “normal” although that is debateable…

That is one UGLY dog ….

They assist (…yes lets go with that)with the day to day functioning of our tribe. I have no need of alarm clocks or a doorbell. Lilly knows when the farmer next door lets out his geese and Jake is always on the lookout for anyone stopping by or even looking up at the window. He assumes (incorrectly I might add) that I can’t see what he sees.

Beauty is everywhere if you choose to see it.

Jake …the Destroyer

Position – Best friend, neighbourhood watcher and Lilly protagonist

Able to destroy most things specifically cat toys containing catnip, beds, blankets and unbreakable toys. So far he hasn’t managed to pull off Lilly’s tail. Watcher from the window to sound the alarm for squirrels, birds, small children, horses …family!

Lilly Elizabeth …Pugzilla

Position – most loyal companion, alarm clock, doorbell and Jake-toy

The sweetest little thing unless she is awake, hungry or tired , best lap-warmer once settled. Key strengths are her hearing and ability to hear the box to her treats in the kitchen being moved, the geese next door being let out , children’s laughter , the mailman, horses going by …

Chandra …the Magnificent

The original best cat ever , rescued from being a factory cat in South Africa together with his brother Salem the Black, he nationalised with the rest of the two legged clan, cleared the surrounding fields of mice and protected species . Never a dull moment with King Chandra around

Sadly left us in February 2019

Salem…the Black

Loyal and a great indicator of when to have a coffee, he demands to be fed every 3-4 hours …trying for every 2. The sun worshipper , quite content to lie on my tomato plants in the sun, or whatever I am working with.

Answers to the call of Chairman with…meow !!!

Sadly left us in November 2019

And then there were two ! My primary source of Inspiration