Be a Realistic optimist

Thoughts for the week 18.08.2019

A few interesting posts in LinkedIn this last week, one in particular caught my interest.

It should work from within LinkedIn if anyone wants to read this full article , or others which are equally thoughtful;

It’s been a grey outlook for the week, grey in the sense of the frequent clouding over but true optimism can never be clouded over !

I’ve also managed the first 72-hour fast for my new health program.  Realistically I won’t see the results for months to come  but it is a positive step. During the week I had days of increased energy- swept all the leaves from the driveway so that the new ones could fall down !!

I could say I feel the mitochondria repairing themselves but that would be pushing the boundaries of Neuroscience. (Just a little 😊)

I may still pay the price later in the week ( Thursday, yes !!!!!)  but it was refreshing to be able to do something as simple as sweeping up leaves without stumbling around.

I was reflecting on the chat I had with my Neurologist on Monday , in answer to the timeless question “ Are you taking any medication” my usual answer of No, I don’t just believe that the medication will fix the ailment he surprised me somewhat by saying – You’re too realistic , you’re a difficult patient to treat.

I ‘m taking that as a compliment but I guess the underlying sentiment is that you perhaps need to be a little gullible to “Just drink the Kool-Aid” in the system of medication and expectations.

Coming back to the link above that triggered this reflection, there are things going on right now (Globally that is ) that are truly discouraging. At the same time, it is high time that the people that CAN should stand up and be counted (so to say ).

The article I found in LinkedIn covers some interesting angles, Populism, US-China relations, AI… I found it particularly good reading , the key challenges the author sees for the coming term being the following;

● After four decades of ever-increasing engagement between China and the United States, the world’s two leading powers seem increasingly determined to decouple their economies from each other-making a second Cold War a reality and superpower war more likely.

● Notwithstanding that past technological revolutions have improved both the quality of life and the world of work, the combination of robots and AI threatens to destroy many more jobs than it creates-undermining the foundations of a good life based on a good job.

● While it remains tempting to dismiss the recent rise of anti-establishment politics as an aberration, the roots of populism run much deeper and stronger-weakening the foundations of democracy and increasing the chances of international conflict.

Watch this space – I’m positive we will see further developments along these themes

There is a lot of criticism for his outlook – everyone has an opinion but what I particularly like is his conclusion.

What can we all do?

“I acknowledge that all this might feel very distant from our daily lives. But it is not. Indeed, we can all take steps that will make a big difference in the lives of others. Call it “embracing the positive societal externalities of what we do as individuals.”

If that sounds too much like social science jargon, here are four maxims that I try to live by every day, and that I encourage students to live by too:

● Be an optimist, but be a realistic one. (Don’t live in your bubble, keep your eyes open.)

● Follow your passions, but think about your impact on others. (Do well, but do good too.)

Be true to yourself, but try to walk in the shoes of others. (Have empathy and be compassionate.)

Focus on what matters, but be active members of your communities. (Stand up and be counted.)

We are living in challenging times. But we can, and we must, do all we can to ensure that our best days are ahead of us.”

Refreshing outlook ? Time will tell but I personally think the attributes above are what we should ALL strive for.

After a full house for the last weekend it’s a rather quiet one on the horizon, Jake …where are you !!!

Music for the week has been a lot of Old Faithful’s, currently revelling to the sounds of a Thomas Dolby collection !

Good memories of a talented artist! (The school Headmaster in the 1990’s The Wall Live in Berlin)

Also the rather obscure Prefab Sprout which I’m sure many will not know !

Time to enjoy the weekend – could be a damp one !

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