Every person who gets interviewed on television says the same thing. It’s the current mantra about “the U.S.A.,” that these hooligans who rioted in …



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4 thoughts on ““THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE”

  1. We aren’t all like the essay describes. We have held strong on the election results and we have two new US Senators who won’t play that game. If we can just survive long enough to see things shift away from fascism, corporatocracy, and planet-destroying behaviors…

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  2. I totally agree! America is – and always has been – a very complex nation of people with vastly different beliefs, ideas and desires. But the last few years under Trump have torn open the cover that hid just how extensive and pervasive the ugly underbelly that exists, exposing the shocking number of people who subscribe to these deplorable beliefs. It’s very disheartening and depressing.

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  3. Really brilliant to see you back on line Daniel, making us dig deeper than we would normally do.. 👍
    My personal take on this topic is that this is actually who we are, me included. Given the right set of circumstances we will all turn to the darker side of humanity in order to survive. (Would we or would we all not steal a loaf of bread to feed a starving child, for example?) The trigger will be of course different for us all, but I do think that synergistic/interactive combinations of religion, indoctrination, poverty, suffering, fear, despair, frustration, etc. will ultimately bring us all (anyway almost all) to support a powerful dictator that promises a better deal that we can subscribe to. His/her number of supporters will depend upon the magnitude of the prevailing misery and the extent of their belief in the dictator’s ability to make the pain go away (real or perceived). Intelligence clearly plays a role but therein lies the real danger, in that our biggest threat comes from skilled and highly intelligent dictators devoid of public conscience, intent on fulfilling their own selfish interests. I don’t think that this effect is geographically based, it’s not an American phenomenon even if we observe a higher frequency of “unrest” in that region right now. It was not a “German” or “British” characteristic that drove the war or the mass slaughter of the Jews.
    It’s us.. humanity.
    What to do?
    I think we need more female leaders, they appear to be intrinsically kinder and far less driven by ego and power-struggle.
    Just watching CNN whilst writing this, they are talking about a peaceful “transition of power” from Trump to Biden, is this what it really amounts to? Hopefully it’s also a transition of serving and humility, we can but hope, right?


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