A new Decade, a new day, hello 2020

01.01.2020 A fresh start …or just a new month ?

The new decade has arrived with much pomp and ceremony…today feels …well normal …I guess

Seth sent through a teasing thought earlier this morning, welcome 2020

A box of infinity

It’s hard to look right at it.

The possibility that lies before us, the chance to connect, to lead, to be heard-it’s bigger than it’s ever been.

Tempting indeed to avert your eyes, because staring into infinity means embracing just how small we feel. We avert our eyes because to realize how much potential we have to contribute puts us on the hook.

But whether we ignore it or not, the infinity of possibility remains.

Dance with it.

A picture containing sky, outdoor, water, tree

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And the music…why mess with what you know so well 😊

I may have to change my habits in the coming weeks /months !

So, with the looming social (?) challenge of New Years Resolutions… I must admit – I don’t really have any …Goals perhaps , continue with what works, listen to more good music, breathe, play with the fur-babies as often as possible…there sorted 😊.

It’s the first page of the “Stoics Page a Day Handbook !!!”, 364 pages to go…I thought I had misplaced it this morning…the book. Then I realized it was on Kindle …oops

Dare I say it, I’ve been battling to find my motivation (more like concentration actually) this last period, perhaps a combination of the “end of year” sentiment , perhaps the incessant discomfort the MS has thrown at me this winter but the combination has certainly “mentally “ affected me. I really feel myself slipping to the dark side …by that I mean a caffeine infused euphoria …not the other Dark Side

Taking a page from my own advice …the days where it has been worse (than the others) I have done what needed to be done and then just …well nothing. The cycle is weird though and I suddenly feel “more OK” around 11pm…just in time for a late-night music session. It is what it is unfortunately.

I do however hope the walking on cactus spines phase goes away soon.

Unfortunately, it’s never just the one mix…I’ve had a few late late sessions and pay the price the next day.(Totally worth it though)

In the end it’s mostly about priorities, and as Seth puts it


It’s comforting to use someone else’s priorities to guide our work. It lets us off the hook.

But the only way to do our best work is to realize that part of what it means to do our work is to own the priorities as well.

Your boat, your compass.

So while the fires still rage down under and the world continues to do crazy things …lets look forward to better days and the Botox latest injections to start relaxing the leg muscles somewhat …yes, that would be juuuuuust great. Meanwhile back on the Kindle reader …

Sounds simple,

Control your perceptions

Direct your actions properly

Willingly accept what is beyond your control

Back to my Happy place…

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MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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