Bits and Bobs

Bits and Bobs …

Its been a rather mixed week, mixed in the sense of rather more difficult than the weeks prior. I’m still holding on that this too will pass and a new “normal” will reveal itself. Realistically however it will be just what it is!  I too am realistic about that.

I’m in week three of no politics on the news channels …maybe that’s the reason I’ve not been as energetic …curious thought.  With all this time extra on my hands I have managed to glean a huge amount of trivial information on one of my pet loves- astronomy and astral physics!

 I can highly recommend a Netflix offering on the matter – both the science behind the “Big Bang” and part two “the big collapse !!” (The beginning and the end of the universe). Although no life changing insights it does put in perspective just how insignificant our little planet is in the greater scheme of things and a testimony to the incredible minds that worked towards us having a better understanding of our world despite modern technology ( I truly wonder if such minds still exist today)

Well yesterday came and went and despite the euphoria of the Netherlands winning the Eurovision Song contest ( oops I missed it !! ( lies))I have been battling somewhat with the feet on fire symptoms, and the “Destroyer” has a knack of stepping all over them daily ! nonetheless we shall persevere. The hands were not really functioning to expectations yesterday hence the slight delay in my Saturday ( sometimes Sunday ) Reflections.

To put it in perspective I found this little anecdote to keep me focused for the coming week.

Three kinds of ‘forever’

There’s the forever of discomfort. Sasha Dichter taught us about this. The feeling we get during a temporary situation that feels like it’s going to last forever.

It’s one thing to tolerate a bumpy landing on an airplane, because you know it’ll be over in ten seconds.

But, a car-sick toddler doesn’t have that perspective. He’s wailing and sad because he thinks that this is the new normal, a permanent situation.

Too often, we quit in the dip. Not because we can’t tolerate discomfort for an hour, a week or a month, but because we mistakenly believe that it might last forever.

There’s the forever of plenty. This is when we erroneously assume that the stuff that’s good is going to stay good. That this moment, this leverage, these resources–we can squander them because they’ll be here tomorrow.

This sort of forever leads to heartbreak, because, inevitably, it doesn’t last. It can’t.

And there’s the forever of never. The dominant narrative of society is that you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Stuck in your status role, stuck in your skill set, stuck in your situation.

If you believe it, it’s probably true.

If you believe it, you just let yourself off the hook, which is comforting indeed.

And if you believe it, you’ve made life easier for the systems that would like to pigeonhole you.

But, even though it’s certainly harder than it ought to be, it doesn’t have to be forever.

I trust you all will have a fantastic week ahead!

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