And the beat goes on

And the beat goes on ! 15.06.2019

I had a pleasant surprise this week. Between what has been another slow and painful week a “friend” a DJ in Austria that goes by the name of Frantricky messaged to me to ask why I had been so quiet !

(That was the first surprise !) After chatting for a while about the lost music of the 80’s New wave scene he acknowledged he wanted to make a mix for one of his “special” fans.

It came out last night just before midnight and while it may not be to everyone’s tastes I am truly grateful for this. Music makes everything easier to manage and my house is constantly filled with tunes , 60’s , 70’s, 80’s , 90’s and more and he is one of the musicians I follow and support quite avidly.

Enough of that – I will leave the link in case anyone feels a little 80’s nostalgic ! ( It’s addictive I can promise you that and if you remember the Violent Femmes, Pale Fountains , The The , Lloyd Cole, China Crisis, The Smiths  … give it a listen)

As said a slow and painful week made a lot easier having family around – although busy the sense of purpose makes a big difference in the daily grind.

With the Woman’s World Cup on the go it’s been Hup Hup Holland again although the USA seems to be the team of the moment- time will tell. These athletes are magnificent and seem not to have attended the same acting classes as their male counterparts, refreshing indeed.

I found a nice short snippet this week. It’s a challenge to Think….

Even if it’s not graduation week for you…

Consider writing.

Not plastics.

Not Wall Street.

Simply writing.

As we race toward a post-literate world, the surprising shortcut is compelling indeed: Learn to write.

Audiobooks outsell print. AI can turn text into speech. People scan, they don’t read.

Doesn’t matter. Learn to write.

Yes, it would be great if you could become a full-stack developer. If you put in the hard work to be a civil engineer or a mathematician on the cutting edge. But most people were persuaded from an early age that this isn’t the work for them.

But writing?

If you’re an actor, being able to write means that you can cast yourself.

If you’re a marketer, being able to write means you can tell your story.

If you’re looking for a job, being able to write makes you part of a special minority.

Writing is organized thinking on behalf of persuasion.

Writing is your opportunity to stand out, to pitch in and to make a difference.

And you don’t need a permit or equipment. You don’t need an insider’s edge, or money either.

Writing may be the skill with the highest return on investment of all. Because writing is a symptom of thinking.

As things begin hotting up here in Limburg – the outlook for next week is 26, 27, 28 ….here is another little snippet for the morning.

There will be weather tomorrow

There always is.

The song you’re listening to will end, a surprising news story is going to change the status quo and you’ll get feedback you didn’t expect.

It’s easy to imagine that things are going to calm down, that there’s a neutral position coming up, and that it’s all going to go back to normal.

But the swirl is normal. It’s always been this way. Changing.

There is no ‘ever after’. There’s just the chaos of now.

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