So much to be thankful for

You will find there is so much to be thankful for – you just need to stop and reflect! Following last weeks posting I was still feeling energised all weekend and as fate would have it came across this. It got me thinking a lot , I have been blessed in that I amContinue reading “So much to be thankful for”

A lot to be thankful for

A lot to be thankful for To breathe is to exist yet living requires much more. It requires purpose, intensity, determination, perseverance, love, faith, sacrifice and service… A thought for the morning ! This week marks the anniversary of some horrendous events, on Tuesday 9/11 where so many people lost their lives (to this day)Continue reading “A lot to be thankful for”

Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose  05-10-2019 “Sense of purpose is the motivation that drives you toward a satisfying future. Hence, your sense of purpose helps you get the most of life and it helps you achieve what matters most to you. Most importantly, it feeds intrinsic motivation and it creates meaning from life. Purpose is our driver.”Continue reading “Sense of Purpose”

This is a window on my thoughts , I am simple yet complicated , understanding yet stubborn. Life after MS is not a walk in the park but it gives you time to Reflect…and I do

Musings on Philosophy, Faith, Confidence, Value and Purpose