Up and up…never give up.

It’s been a week of reflections. By that I mean too difficult to do what I really want…so Reflection is it ! No surprise that this came to mind while setting out this morning. Regretfully the hands are not responding so we will end up with a Sunday Reflection, (hopefully that is !) And so,Continue reading “Up and up…never give up.”

A little bit of Resilience …

We certainly live in interesting times…Coronavirus and Ciara wrecking havoc…not to mention the big P… (No not Politics…Planets 😊 !) A lot of my ramblings today have been gleaned from a host of articles read this week, ****I just edited many of them together 😊, hands and fingers were not attending the party this weekContinue reading “A little bit of Resilience …”

Holding out for a hero

Everyone needs a Hero…guess I could slip in a Bonnie Tyler quote … Up where the mountains meet the heavens aboveOut where the lightning splits the seaI could swear there is someone, somewhereWatching meThrough the wind, and the chill, and the rainAnd the storm, and the floodI can feel his approach like a fire inContinue reading “Holding out for a hero”

The other Big C …Compromise

In the light of the unavoidable political circus previewing right now I couldn’t help myself. The week has brought with it numerous examples of what is perhaps most lacking in our world, along with Respect, Integrity and Compassion. Triggered by some fb memes this week ! The other big C, COMPROMISE Not counting the currentContinue reading “The other Big C …Compromise”

A new Decade, a new day, hello 2020

01.01.2020 A fresh start …or just a new month ? The new decade has arrived with much pomp and ceremony…today feels …well normal …I guess Seth sent through a teasing thought earlier this morning, welcome 2020 A box of infinity It’s hard to look right at it. The possibility that lies before us, the chanceContinue reading “A new Decade, a new day, hello 2020”