Opinions …Everyone has one

Everyone has one … Opinions that is and these days they are flying around like the pollen that keeps falling from the trees…yip its Hay-fever time again ! One of the greatest threats to our mental sanity these days is the flurry of comments streaming 24/7 around the world stage , headed up (of course)Continue reading “Opinions …Everyone has one”

Home alone or as we MS’ers like to say …The Usual

Home Alone ☹ Well, hands up who saw this coming….. What, No One …..??? It’s been a disconcerting, incredible, even unbelievable week to reflect on …to say the least. While the world reels in the acceptance that there is a new villain doing its rounds in the form of COVID-19. It’s impact has been feltContinue reading “Home alone or as we MS’ers like to say …The Usual”

Don’t dream it’s over

Don’t dream its over…a message from the dreamstate This came to me in the early hours of the morning – the MS hours, 2-3am just when you should be getting the deep sleep our bodies need. Alas…that’s also the twitching time for me when the leg spasms start firing up or cramps hit ! IfContinue reading “Don’t dream it’s over”