Emotional Investing, Baggage and the quest for clean windows

I’ve been I hope noticeably absent these past weeks, not by choice mind you but the high temperatures , in fact a “new” record for us was a heatwave starting in the beginning of August and only burning out ….(😊) over the past weekend. The higher temperatures cauterizes all ambitions for some MS Warriors …myselfContinue reading “Emotional Investing, Baggage and the quest for clean windows”

On leaving behind a Legacy

It’s been a few weeks of decidedly low motivation, little inspiration coming down from the matrix and the warmth of the terrace luring me away from my regular window in the front of the house. That been said I was inspired by a visit on Sunday from one of my most inspirational friends which shookContinue reading “On leaving behind a Legacy”

If you’re going to be in it …

Be in it for the long run I guess by now most people have realized that we are entering a new decade that will long be remembered as the year of Covid-19 or probably some sexier more newsworthy moniker. (he he …first time I’ve used that word !!!). I have consciously skipped my regular SaturdayContinue reading “If you’re going to be in it …”

Opinions …Everyone has one

Everyone has one … Opinions that is and these days they are flying around like the pollen that keeps falling from the trees…yip its Hay-fever time again ! One of the greatest threats to our mental sanity these days is the flurry of comments streaming 24/7 around the world stage , headed up (of course)Continue reading “Opinions …Everyone has one”