Stepping up to the plate

It’s time to swing for the stands.

How often have we heard this either in jest or in all seriousness?

Step up to the plate and swing…

Indeed, it’s a baseball thing but surprisingly accurate in the current global stage of global confusion, indecisiveness and ineptitude, dare I add deception … by some at least.

I’ve been decidedly quiet over the last while at least by my own standards, I’ve steered clear of the frequent News onslaught and buried myself in a caffeine induced music dream-state …Well I’m employing a little journalistic freedom…I’ve been enjoying the view out my back patio and the therapeutic movement of the cows in the valley…oh yes and the frenetic activity of all the birds that call my yard home !

The grass has been growing faster than my energy to cut it is replenished so we are going a little “Au Naturel” out back…and interspersed with a few buckets of natural seed mixes for bees and butterflies …trying to do my bit for nature…I have mowed around the edges so it looks intentional 😊

And the bugs have new Lodging…gotta have a roof if they’re getting a table outside !

Of course, bI’m not so sure it was that good an idea to put the Bug Hotel below the bird nesting box…

The poison of choice has been my stash of 80’s classics infused with wonderful memories of some classic multi-decade bands…Pink Floyd, the Stones, REM…Depeche Mode…aaah memories ! But enough talk talk…😊, Yes it’s the caffeine I’m sure

One of my favorites that haven’t been overplayed recently…which is regrettable.

The song line-up from Colour of Spring reads like a self-help guide…Life is what you make it.

We are fortunate in the Netherlands that with such a strong Social Responsibility ( Awareness) we have not had restrictions but rather relied on the social responsibility – “conscience” of the country to enforce self-restraint and self-isolation.

It doesn’t necessarily work for everyone but so far so good.

We …Jake & Lilly excluded have embraced the distance thing …although just like Sophia (Loren that is !) she sometimes just wants to be left alone…

I want to be left alone now...

Distance is not really a barrier…even Jake is sharing …bringing his ball along for show and tell !

Speaking of distance, our village celebrated, commemorated the freedom of our country (75th Anniversary) on a virtual platform this year.

Social responsibility limited the gathering to those in the immediate area while the rest of us joined online in a candle lighting …very emotional times and We Remember the sacrifices made. A fitting tribute as all the trumpet players across the nation simultaneously played the “Last Post” to honor the fallen. R.I.P.

As a Reflection – after the hardships these then young men and woman endured to ensure our freedom it is surprising that some find it so difficult to apply some simple restrictions like social distancing and stay-at-home. Oh well sign of the times ?

Last little anecdote for me this week, today marks another milestone for me , on this day some time ago …23 years I think I was involved in a bit of a car wreck. Fortunately, my guardians put in a double shift that day and I escaped relatively unhurt…a few cracked and bashed ribs and missing teeth but a small price to pay for being T-boned by two fully loaded mini-busses.

A picture containing messy, sitting, items, luggage

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So we are already in Tuesday (Wednesday ?)…the week awaits and the only way is …Take it away Seth 😊


Our experience of time always goes in one direction.

It might seem to speed up or slow down, but entropy and the outside world conspire to keep things moving from yesterday to tomorrow.

Given that nothing is ever going to be same, and that backwards isn’t an option, our only choice is forward.

That’s always been true. As soon as we encounter something, anything, it will never be as it was.

Fortunately, we have a chance to make things better. Every day.

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

3 thoughts on “Stepping up to the plate

  1. Apparently I did, phoned a colleague to say i would be delayed then was unconscious for the next 6 hours. Lost that 6 hrs memories other than the sound of sirens and a feeling of my feet being bashed against walls


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