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The mind that is , it’s far too easy lately to throw up the hands in despair …we are doomed …NO WE ARE NOT !

Happy Birthday Kaet !
Work in progress…Balcony Art by Kaet (Happy 20th Birthday XX!!!)
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Another week has come and gone and as to be expected , the world is still here , the sun comes up every day much like it has done forever …but certainly the behavior of most everyone has of necessity been modified , by law or by choice …

There is no doubt that we are in a challenging phase , assaulted from all angles , health, financial, political it may just be a “Perfect Storm “ scenario but as always there will be a beginning …and an end and undue worrying will certainly not do anyone any good.

This time has certainly brought out both the good and bad in humanity and although I could ramble on about the one or the other …I won’t.

I have seen and been so impressed by some selfless individuals that have used the past weeks to sew facemasks when there weren’t any available for caregivers, I’ve seen communities pull together to assist those fearful of going out. Yes…then there is the opposite ,as I said unfortunately.

My time has somehow been ending up outside …yup strange or not but I’ve found my space in the outside “Office” for copious hours every day, the birdsong is incredible the view magnificent and The Destroyer is content chasing his ball around while making sure I cannot be distracted by emails or memes…bless you Jake 😊

I have managed to keep reading – not lighthearted anecdotes (although there have been many) but I reconnected with my McKinsey feed and there have been some great articles .

The following is the introduction of one such article . (and surprise surprise…this was written in 2009…seems history does in fact repeat itself …)

Of interest is the background to how we got to where we are right now irrespective of the “culprit” Covid-19.

The article raises some good suggestions -even for non-corporate strategists …yes, you , me , everyone …everyone can learn from this experience.

During this lockdown the upside …if you can call it that is that many people have found the time to reconnect with themselves, finding time to be creative, finding time for family and friends …safely that is , and …music aplenty !!!

Just a snippet of what many “sound engineers are putting out…no complaints from me 😊

Today’s tunes are a little darker…it’s slightly grey and overcast …but no rain yet.

Of course, from the land of plenty we also now have Bin Isolation craze….bringing a smile in these times !

Oooooh and lest I forget …new Stones tunes !!!!

Without rambling on toooo much further , a last word from Seth …maybe even Mark …let’s see. First up…Mark Manson – extracts only 😊

From his piece “What is normal anyway”

But here’s an idea: What if this disruption is normal?

Think about it: pandemics have occurred throughout all of human history. For hundreds of years, people have responded by social distancing, cancelling events, closing businesses, and yes, even cancelling church services. Schools and public spaces were closed in Asia in 2009 and 2001 and in North America in 1957 and 1918. Isaac Newton famously came up with his theories about gravitation and optics while quarantining at his mother’s house during 1666. The word “quarantine” itself comes from the Italian word “quaranta” which was invented in the 14th century as a response to the black plague.

Similarly, economic and political crises are the norm for human history, not the exception. And more often than not, they are caused by human fear, stupidity, and irrationality. These things happen every 20-30 years almost like clockwork in most parts of the world. Going back through history, you can hardly go more than ten years without some major, world-altering event that disrupted tens of millions of lives and often had catastrophic implications.

And now, what’s next?

Well its Seth of course…

The last eight weeks have been like no other. An unfolding tragedy, unevenly distributed. An economic freeze. A media frenzy.

It’s easy to be exhausted, especially since there’s still quite a lot of slog left to go.

Is it too soon to wonder what’s next? And at the heart of it: how can you contribute?

Average work for average people is going to be worth less than ever before.

Typical employees doing typical work are going to be less respected and valued than ever before.

And just as expectations are being shifted, new opportunities will arise. They always do.

So what’s next? A commitment to learning and to possibility.

The pandemic demonstrated, among other things, that we all have access to each other digitally. That if you want to learn something, the chance is there. That internet connections can be powerful, and that leadership is priceless.

The industrial era, struggling for the last decade or two, is now officially being replaced by one based on connection and leadership and the opportunity to show up and make a difference.

That’s all folks…Jake is calling me, espresso’s to be had

Stay Safe , Stay grounded, Stay Rational

Park Life …Amsterdam isolation lockdown

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