Opinions …Everyone has one

Everyone has one …

Opinions that is and these days they are flying around like the pollen that keeps falling from the trees…yip its Hay-fever time again !

One of the greatest threats to our mental sanity these days is the flurry of comments streaming 24/7 around the world stage , headed up (of course) by the big C.

I see many people in a constant state of duress, panic, fear …of course how we deal with it is entirely up to each and every one of us.

My Saturday reflection had to be put somewhat on ice this week, the hands were absent ( again ☹ ) and only felt semi-human again this morning. Tempting though it is to be outside in the office …(there is still quite a lot of pollen around so I’m slumming it indoors with some magic tunes…at least that is my opinion 😊

Harboring on the opinion comment, I was triggered by this reflection ( last week of course), the page a day is really good reading and I’m suitably impressed with the opinions shared

And if we are ruthlessly honest its been very easy lately to be upset and angered by the opinions being shared …daily (Even mine is subjective !)

Another good mix of forgotten songs of the 80’s …

And while the good old interweb is sharing opinions on self-isolation left right and center , I’m resisting the urge to bake artisan bread at home

(Truth be told I did that a year ago before I realized my MS doesn’t condone too many carbs and so …alas my bread baking days ended 😊 )

Instead it has been well, more of the same , routines when possible and improvise when not. We are truly blessed here in the little village of Ingber, the birdlife is incredible, the cows keep myself and the fur-babies entertained , when the music isn’t streaming …silly old bean  (the music is ALWAYS streaming …)

It’s also been great to see how the masses fare when cooped up for longer than a rainy day …down under the bin wars have started …)

Yip, from the land of Toilet paper wars is the new craze …bin isolation video’s) i think i will stick to the music!

So as we (the responsible few unfortunately) continue our vigil in isolation, all the time it is with great sadness to see the masses of elderly that have fallen victim to this virus, families who will never relish their matrons growing older gracefully with them , heartbreaking indeed.

Of course this raises the questions everyone is shouting, “when will this end”, “will I be ok”, and no doubt “who can we blame for this …”

As Seth so eloquently puts it.

On predicting the future

Two things:

We do it all the time. Constantly.

We’re terrible at it.

We spend our days guessing how an action will impact the future, and we’re often wrong.

And we spend the rest of our days hoping we were right or worried that we weren’t. We try to control the future by telekinesis and anxiety in equal measure.

When the future doesn’t cooperate, we spend even more time trying to change the next bit of future so that it ends up more closely matching the future we were hoping for.

What if, instead, just for a little while, we simply did our best?

And let the future take care of itself.

Because even if we don’t fret, the future is still going to take care of itself.

All that’s on us is to do our best work. Paying attention to models and the community and the people we serve.

Right on cue that raises the big challenge that is strategic modeling …keep going Seth, tell us !

All models are wrong, some models are useful

That’s what makes it a model. The map is not the territory, and a model is nothing but a stripped-down approximation of what might be happening. By definition, the model for your problem, your organization, your opportunity–it’s not actually the thing being studied, it’s a simplified version of it.

At higher magnification, your model is wrong. It has to be in order for it to be a model.

And yet we need models.

We need a model because if the elegant, pure, refined model doesn’t work, it’s harder to understand why your messy, real-world situation is going to work.

Not all logical and structurally sound models turn into successes in the real world, but better to begin with something that makes sense.

My own (ex) favorite pastime …creating Strategic models …not that I’ve done that for the past two years (almost) !

Well Monday is screaming along…the afternoon is beckoning as well as the cows down the valley !

I think its time to talk with the birds …

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

3 thoughts on “Opinions …Everyone has one

  1. There were a few good ‘daily stoic’ entries this past week, weren’t there. This one was great. I do like the idea of weekly post by the way. I might end up with that when I lose interest/time in a daily post.


  2. I’m continually impressed with the readings, i really admire the daily blogging but for me the unpredictability is limiting, especially when the temperature starts climbing… That and the squirrel sightings 😂


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