Strolling Thunder…

Well  am guessing for many people this last week has been something of an assault on their freedom …but I hope everyone realizes it is for the benefit of EVERYONE !

Life carries on here in the ‘Mountains of Ingber” seemingly oblivious to what is going on around us …not totally so.

It has been incredible to see the comraderie at this time , for a small village 20-50 households (maximum) the neighborhood has been taking care of their own , from shopping for those not up to going themselves, sharing books to read for those isolated from the is what can make a country great …and we are. Last weekend I was astonished at the volume of cyclists in groups of 15-20 flying by seemingly unaffected by the requested “Stay at Home” instructions. Walkers in their droves enjoying the sunshine…

This week it has been very different, our PM made a plea on Monday on national TV, the reaction has been swift. It is so fantastic to see our tiny nation sit up and take action ( not everyone …that would be asking for too much ) . I truly hope the cycle of this virus is reduced and contained soon.

Enough of Covid…I was a little early last week so missed Franco’s mix …I think even my neighbors could be seen rocking to it earlier this week ( No …I don’t think they enjoyed Rage against the machine …Killing in the name of , but Jake did !!! Especially me air guitaring around the sitting room)

we have ummm listened quite a few times this week 😊

Saturday wouldn’t be complete with a little Stoic wisdom…of which there has been ample this week. I must say restricting myself to a page a day is a new experience.

I actually went back to the very first page again this week. I was getting a little frustrated, concerned, anxious with all the developments around the Covid Pandemic, and remembered this very simple page …Page 1 of The Daily Stoic ( Ryan Holiday)

“The same is true for us today. If we can focus on making clear what parts of our day are within our control and what parts are not , we will not only be happier, we will have a distinct advantage over other people who fail to realize they are fighting an unwinnable battle “

This was Page 1 of the journey !

Of course the web is jam-packed at the moment with solutions to boredom and home isolation. Not here …my furry family is just enjoying the few days of sunshine which have allowed us to spend more time outdoors…in the sanctuary that is the back yard !

The Office !

Of course there is a new addition …I’ve pimped my ride so my favorite (yes MS’ers have a collection typically) stick  with built in tennis ball retriever ( from under the bed, sofa, back terrace …) has now been suitably pimped…still guessing

The stick is now wireless and electric…I give you …

“Strolling Thunder”

One track mind…BALL BALL BALL
A dog wearing sunglasses

Description automatically generated
The Destroyer …destroying my roller towels, another great day at the Office.

I really need to share something funny ( to a point) , the last few nights have been fairly sleepless , the usually cramping and spasticity causing all sorts of discomfort but …after a totally awesome day throwing ball and getting some rays I thought it would be a good night…no music , no TV , no news…all good.

So, there I was at a show exhibition, all was going well, not too crowded and I was moving around ok . I couldn’t take Strolling Thunder with me into the exhibit but there was parking space outside the door for Jackets and Walking sticks. Anyhow, when I came out …no stick !!!!!!!!!

Panic…I began frantically looking around but nope …no sticks anywhere .

Boom…5am eyes wide open…old faithful standing against the wall…yup. That was just a dream…

And so, I had the opportunity to hear the most glorious birdsong in the darkness until the first rays of sun changed the sounds to the raucous rooster next door and the day feeders…

It seems the birds are singing a little louder now .

Have an awesome week ahead, and STAY SAFE

Now …where’s that Espresso at ?????

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MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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