The week that was , Check!

The week that was (somewhat of a vanilla week) !

It’s been quite an (un)eventful week, the new decade has brought with it… new ambitions? This is the year I take back more of my mobility ( Don’t know how yet but the ambition is real 😊)

Week goals

Visit Mom-in-law (ex)

Refill Bird feeder so the pesky field-mice don’t destroy it

Brush Jake ( Repeat x100)

Enjoy the sunrise

Enjoy some good music

Have a few espresso’s

I’m thankful to say , all done except for poor Jake, he only got brushed twice this week, AND he made sure every time I came home I got guilt-tripped for leaving him on his own. This is what happens when furbabies become human…

A view of a city at sunset

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catching the moment !
Just drop what you doing …Let’s go outside !

The sunrise on Friday was spectacular (every sunrise is , it’s a promise of doing everything again (a fresh page so to say) , yesterday is gone , tomorrow is still to be lived), for us in the North the clear morning with the awesome light makes the whole day ! The week ahead though looks to be cooler and less sunny

Just matches today’s daily Stoicism page !

Love it – See the world as an artist !

“It takes an artist to see that the end of life is not unlike a ripe fruit falling from its tree…”

Well I don’t feel quite like a ripening pear just yet !

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, floor

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Food for thought !

Long-term vs short-term (A Seth moment)

There’s always someone who is more willing to play the short-term game than you are.

Someone who is willing to cut more corners, send a more urgent text, borrow against the future, ignore the side effects, abuse trust and corrupt the system–somehow justifying that short-term hustle with a rationalization (usually a selfish one) about how urgent it is.

On the other hand…

There’s plenty of room to win as someone who takes a longer view than the others.

Lets see what next week brings ( oh yes , no political comments as I’ve stopped watching…makes my head spin !)

Oops …

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