Can you tell me where it hurts …

A little bit inspired by my Pink Floyd fetish and perchant for New Wave music. Call it a Frantricky inspired piece

I guess every child has been asked this hundreds …perhaps thousands of times but as adults we get to be very specific …Doctor my toes are numb, my fingers feel tingly …I cant feel my face ( Ha , The Weekend!)

( Kelly gets it …we joked about this every time it played on the radio) I digress a little.

Seriously though the greatest challenge for Doctors must be the inability to “FEEL” what the patient is describing, I always thought this was a joke but turns out …it exists

A screenshot of a cell phone screen with text

Description automatically generated

Apparently designed to help Doctors assess pain levels more accurately.

Knowing my fondness for good music (It may be just my opinion) I thought it perfectly logical to make the New Wave Pain Scale for Dummies (i.e. Me !)

Starting with Emoji pain …yeah right ! I personally never met an Emoji I could relate to but yes here it is like a row of disgruntled skittles, better still …brain fog …the cutie peanuts candy coated …I see the adverts all the time ☹..Eminem’s !

Of course, if you don’t like smiley faced LSD peanuts ….

A close up of text on a white background

Description automatically generated

Not that being mauled by Ninja Bears is any better day in day out …

Anyhoo here is my New Wave /Rock/MS pain scale !

This took quite some thinking to calibrate…not quite there yet ! Trying to bracket genre and mood, lyrics  …great fun though, a good way to spend the morning…day (multiple days)!

1. Feel no pain- Sade, Everybody hurts- REM, Hurts like Heaven- Coldplay, Colourblind-Counting Crows

2. You’ve lost that loving feeling- Human League (the 2003 remastered version is better !)

3. Love hurts- Nazereth, Do you really want to hurt me – Culture Club, No pain no gain – The Scorpions, King of Pain-The Police

4. I can’t feel my face – The Weekend, Love is all around -Troggs (Wet, Wet, Wet!), A pain that I’m used to- Depeche Mode

5. Behind these eyes – The Who , Boys don’t Cry- The Cure, Kill the pain- INXS

6. Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd, Love the way you lie- Eminem ( Ft Riyhana)

7. The drugs don’t work- The Verve, The needle and the damage done -Neil Young Crawling-Linkin Park (Chris Cornell Intro)

8. I hurt myself today- Nine Inch Nails, Hurt- Johnny Cash

9. Broken, Beat and Scarred- Metallica , Pain -Three days grace

10. Perversions of Pain -Slayer , Some pain will last -Kreator, Lazarus -David Bowie ☹

Well that was certainly fun for me … but I don’t think the neurologist will understand me any better !

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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