The countdown has begun

As the world prepares itself for silly season…Brexit and USA Politics prevail. I am curious to see the outcome but for me …I’m not losing any sleep over it.

The feet burning manage that just fine !!! (Fybromaliaga…)

These last twelve months have seemingly flown by and last year at this time I was just settling in to accepting life without a “business” career. It is a change but not as unpleasant as I had anticipated.

I guess I’m in acceptance mode !

The time has given me the possibility to write (and read) more than I thought possible and fueled by charismatic 80’s music and espresso the days have well…flown by.

Today started a little slower than most- my feet are on a mission to destroy my plans for the day, it really feels like I’m walking on broken glass. And no, nothing will help that , it’s just a matter of tough it out.

The Brexit Bonanza seems to have ruffled a lot of feathers , let’s just say “watch this space” but as always actions speak louder than words , Time will tell.

Friday 13th Horror Story ?

A word from Seth G..

Secession vs. commitment

Leaving (and the perceived threat of leaving) is a powerful negotiation tactic. When the customer/partner/citizen could bolt at any moment, we act differently.

Street vendors know that the prospect is already standing, already on the street, already on their way out the (invisible) door. It changes the dynamic between them, making the short-term the only term.

And commitment is a powerful creation tactic. When the parties involved know that they’re committed to a future together, it makes it more likely that they’ll produce a positive new version of how that future can look.

Monopolies create unwilling commitment. The customer is trapped. Brands with loyalty earn commitment, and it gives them the freedom to invest in even better work.

Nations are now discovering that shifts in loyalty and the transferability of assets are a real issue going forward. One option is to make secession more difficult, the other is to increase the likelihood of individuals choosing to commit.

It definitely benefits all concerned to know which path the people you serve are on. And to act accordingly.

I’ve strayed a little from my own plans for the last few months, regular fasting has given way to just a low-calorie intake. I actually feel the difference, so I am trying to motivate myself to really get back into it.

Having read what feels like a whole library section on the “benefits” it’s a matter of perseverance and discipline …just need to get on with it !

Dealing with the weakness of the mind (will) is the ever-present challenge.

The last two are my goals …ongoing reduction in Inflammation and Repair !

I seem to be reflecting quite a lot lately on a piece written by Mark Manson…again he doesn’t really mince his words ( warning !!!!)

“The 3 paradoxes of life- Mark Manson” …the link wont share but I’m sure you will be able to search it!

I liked his take on control, or rather our quest for it

“We seek to make our environments and our lives predictable. We lie to ourselves and misremember details in order to give us a greater feeling that we control our fate. We create routines, build habits, and organize our lives around a few repetitive, knowable goals or ideas.

Obsessively controlling everything in our life has an unfortunate side effect: it makes life fXXXXXg boring. The same old thing, day after day, week after week, for months on end, the mindless repetition begins to challenge our sense that our actions are actually meaningful. After all, this can’t be all that life is, right? Driving the same route to work, day after day. Saying the same things. Doing the same things. There’s must be something more.”

It’s a challenge indeed, Predictability vs Uncertainty.

On that note, another “last” espresso perhaps and a fresh choice of music.

A final word from Mark Manson,

Disappointment Panda says: “Life is essentially an endless series of problems—the solution to one problem is merely the creation of the next. Don’t hope for a life without problems. Hope for a life full of good problems.”

As we head into the heart of the festive season, take time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Safe travels and warm memories, and good problems !

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