A time to reflect

Tis the Season to be merry !

Or perhaps more apt, A time to Reflect !

Well Black Friday has come and gone, Cyber Monday was a temptress but …we survived. It certainly seems that most merchandisers have been waiting to launch their proposals, I didn’t realize my life was so empty without all these amazing never to be repeated deals…well I did get a new phone cover …with a lanyard 😊, now my phone can go everywhere with me even without pockets.

I feel complete !!!

Kelly Art

It’s been a rather difficult week, especially stiff and uncomfortable so I guess the falling temperatures do have quite an impact after all. Next trip to the hospital for the Industrial strength Botox may help but for now it really is step by step! Sitting outside in 3-5 degree weather is not the answer , perhaps I need to re-evaluate the Iceman approach…doubt the killer of all ambitions !!!

The colder weather also seems to have activated the neurological pain receptors so it feels like my feet are permanently on fire ..the joys lol.

Good news though is my plants have all dragged themselves back inside and now enjoy their sunbed every day !!!!!!!!!!

Just need to stop Jake trying to steal their spot.

A vase filled with purple flowers on a table

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I’m pretty sure the Yukka has a smile on its face now it’s back indoors 😊…maybe I’ve had one too many espresso’s I’m seeing things.

At this time of the year I feel inclined …compelled to start looking back …just a little to be appreciative of all the family, friends and life’s lessons that have been thrown my way this last twelve months. It certainly has been no walk in the park but as a stoic realist …It could also have always been a lot worse.

I’ve been online chatting to one of my dearest friends this morning and it helps me to put into perspective everything that we endure in life. Sometimes it makes no sense , other times we are the result of choices made.

Either way the mountain we face can either better us or make us stronger …I prefer the latter, once the discomfort has been overcome there is almost always a value in hardship.

Isn’t it strange how all the little reinforcements appear just when you need them…I’m feeling all Harry Potterish 😊

This year has certainly been made easier by the music I have been sharing and those of you unfortunate enough to follow me or worst to be my friends know that I have become addicted to a few ( ok …several) mixes that just tick all the right boxes. Franco…without your music this year would have been a lot harder, Thank you

For possibly the ???th time this year …my Saturday first choice ! (Who’s counting anyway )

Incidentally I also read a great piece by Seth on the risk of following the masses …it goes along the lines of Not accepting for example the “mainstream’s” Top 100…reality is that there are numerous other AWESOME songs that the mainstream have never heard and therefore never make it into the Top however. All it takes is the stubbornness (?) to ignore pressure from the masses. I can do stubborn !

I guess also having an open mind helps!

In reflecting a bit ,it also just wouldn’t be fair to forget about the fur brigade…Every day is simply not the same without my four-footed companions !

(Harder still now that 4 has become 2)

A Seth moment …

Deep connection

When someone tells you what you need to hear, instead of what you’re hoping to hear, you’ve found something priceless.

This takes care, generosity and guts to achieve.

When you offer this gift to someone else, it might seem like it’s unappreciated. But you didn’t do it to be appreciated, you did it because you care enough to work for a deep connection, one that makes things better.

Best to devote that energy to people and causes that can run with it.

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