You don’t waste good

I hadn’t heard of NCIS or Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs before arriving in the Netherlands quite some years ago.

For the uninformed NCIS is a CBS/TV series about a group of Naval Investigators.

Since it first aired in 2003 it has run for 16 seasons and has amassed a cult following (I am one of them !)

What makes the shows special is the interaction between the characters, a hierarchy topped by the infamous Gibbs. Furthermore there is a clear representation of teamwork , respect and trust .

This is reflected in “Gibbs Rule’s “, a “list” of principles if you like that Gibbs shares , expects his team to live by. I guess what I’m really attracted to is this sense of living your life to a code of ethics , something I try to do and I guess share with others.

I’m no fanatic but I do like to reflect on these every now and then – the few that I’m sharing today are the ones I find most pertinent to my current situation and some are just “common sense” I guess.

This week has been a fantastic one, no so much on the health front although D-Day is looming. Next week is decision time regarding me continuing with the trial or being “asked to leave” . Results of the latest blood work is expected April 2nd , but we shall cross that bridge when we arrive.

(Rule #8 Never take anything for granted)

Getting back to why this week has been a goodie – I had the opportunity to catch up with a great friend of many years – I’m guessing I’ve known him since ’92-’93. What I admire most about him other than his quick wit and sense of humor is adherence to his principles. He has an unwavering sense of right and wrong, something I guess many of his colleagues have not always appreciated. In this day and age having both Integrity, Honesty and Competence is a rare thing. Speaking with him over a coffee we deliberated over something probably no-one gives too much attention to . The question asked was

“Given that hindsight is often described as being an “exact science”, why is it that foresight, or an ability to predict, seemingly deludes many people – sometimes with disastrous consequences? 

Why indeed. We had a good discussion as always – I believe the lack of ability we show in predicting is a combination of Ego and Competence (Insight if you like). I for a long time thought that Ego was a bad thing but the more I think about it the ego simply reflects our existence – without an ego do we really exist? Too much ego however tips the scale in a different manner – it obscures objectivity and reduces the ability to apply insights both from others and our own. Failure to balance these can lead to bad decisions. I guess we all need to make the mistakes to be able to get the learnings !

(Rule #3 Don’t believe what you’re told, double check , Rule #51 Sometimes you’re wrong)

The second catch-up was with another colleague whom I have had the fortune to both work with and see grow over the past 12 years. It was truly awesome to both catch up and reflect as well as look forward. It’s never too late to change direction in life and let your natural talents find the way forward.

Of course yesterday we had some glorious sunshine here in Limburg – I’m still acclimatizing it would seem as after a few hours outside (preparing my vegetable garden !) I had to admit defeat – knackered !  Today seems a little easier – time will tell but I imagine Summer (proper) will be a challenge (again) . Step by step.

Brexit madness has been stealing the highlights on all the news channels (again) and despite my attempts to avoid it I find myself shaking my head, far too often it would seem. I must admit though some of the memes in circulation are both amusing and solemn. I really think they could have done with our Project management team

What better way then to end than with two more Gibbs Rules …

Rule #11 When the job is done, walk away ( Theresa …for you)

Rule #15 Always work as a team ( the entire cabinet)

Seems a little prophetic …doesn’t it

Last but not least , Rule #5 You don’t waste good , Enjoy the sunshine and the week ahead.

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