Tolerance vs Prejudice

Tolerance vs Prejudice.

In this (modern) day and age it is simply mind boggling for me to see, hear and comprehend, what is going on with this world of ours.

It seems to me that we accept far too readily that this is “just” fringe behavior – just the hard right (or left). Could this not be “simply “a matter of (In) Tolerance (and additionally lack of Respect, Compassion, Empathy…) or is this far too an objective approach?

So, what exactly is missing from this equation, starting with tolerance – why is it so difficult for people to accept diversity (in its many guises, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and a host of others I guess).

Could it be that the prejudices of our cultural ancestry override all rationale and objectivity?

Is this prejudice simply the polar opposite of tolerance? And that the absence of a degree of tolerance is simply the overwhelming urge to feel superior to others (Ego), not anything to do with upbringing, education, spiritual awareness? I truly hope not.

I wonder “Where did it come from or has it always been there”.

Classic psychology would suggest that our cultural heritage plays a large part in defining our tolerance quotient (for want of a better definition). It would be tragic to believe that we are not able to shed this “cultural” baggage to become better human beings, to evolve and respect others and embrace diversity.

This is something that needs to be (should have been) installed in the youth from an early age, it isn’t a definitive solution but it certainly is a start. I am so thankful that my children have been fortunate to have had the experience of the UWC  (United World College) where cultural diversity is respected encouraged and nurtured.

Tolerance is not about accepting “tolerating” all types of behavior. Yes, there are “social rules” and each country tries to define its own tolerance criteria for its subjects, but we should not, absolutely not accept the behavior of those responsible for the events in NZ this week.

Enough I guess, until the next time (which regretfully there will be)

This month is MS Awareness month, so it makes sense to at least make a comment 😊!

This was shared on the MS Awareness sites this week, it gives a quick overview of the condition (for anyone curious,

Despite much research very little is known about the root causes of MS and a lot more time is devoted to curbing its progression (Big Pharma knows where the money is!)

I guess this is a different test of “Tolerance” or at least acceptance!

For me personally this condition has brought with it a real dose of realism and stoicism.

I persevere knowing that others have it far worse and deserve more support and understanding and that I am still one of the “lucky” and fortunate ones. It is a different tolerance – understanding the unpredictability of this condition, accepting the consequences but still maintaining a modicum of hope that a solution will be found.

On a different crisis I heard a wonderful saying (again) during the Brexit discussions this week…talking of the collaboration between the parties like a pair of ferrets fighting in a sack !!!!

Tolerance at its best (Not!)

Clear skies are coming, we just need to weather the current storm !

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