The Politician’s curse

The Politician’s Curse (Living with not being able to deliver !)

Well this is an early start to the weekend reflection and its only Wednesday !

Temperatures have been high here in the mountains – today forecasted 30 degrees and a bit of storms- the morning exercise has been moving the tomato and herb farm under cover …I’m guessing the storm will miss our little hamlet ! (hopefully)

 (Thursday : It did – I will keep them under cover considering next week we are forecasted multiply 30+ days and up to 36 in the mountains here !)

With the higher temperatures has come the inevitable wave of frustration – hands, feet and brain don’t want to unite and deal with each other. That touches on the “tongue in cheek” heading for the week, living with not delivering on promises – both to one’s self and others. 

The Political struggles going on on ALL continents right now are a bit of a joke , one can only hope that at some time logic will prevail. (One can dream and yes indeed Hope is not a Strategy)

The curse of MS is that even when you have carefully planned and thought out what you want to do and achieve in any given day it feels like you just wake up and the rug is just missing ! These are the days when coffee and music ( a shower !) are a major achievement. The added discomfort of stomach cramps (The MS Hug !) and dead feet are just a bonus.

Enough despair ! The gem that prompted this little reflection arrived this morning .

Of course it could be better

That’s not the question, not really.

The question is, “what are you going to do about it?”

And, to follow up, “what effort are you willing to put in to make it better?”

If you’re not willing to make it better, it’s probably going to stay the way it is.

The first day of summer is right around the corner (or winter, if you live in the other hemisphere).

The changing of seasons is as good a time as any to say, “now, I’m going to make it better.”

The key word isn’t ‘better’. The key words are now and I.

I do wish it was this simple but I guess sometimes Life is just hard, let’s just say what doesn’t kill makes you stronger ( and it could always be worse ). I truly envy those people that can just put their minds to a challenge and deliver every time, I will keep trying for now.

The agenda function on my computer has reminded me that just a year ago we were discussing the SMP ( Strategic Marketing Plan) , Firstly I cant believe a year has already passed and secondly to my colleagues – good luck ! The current business environment is decidedly unpredictable and any in depth assumption regarding the next few years is certainly speculative at best.

As the deadline looms oi imagine the curse of meetings , meetings, meetings will rear its ugly head. And so too the challenge of “getting things done” or better still having the time to “do” things. It can make the following anecdote sound impossible , still it is good advice !

The appropriate medium

We spend all day communicating, and we’ve invented a myriad of ways to do it. You can buy a stamp, press a button, rent a room or use a microphone. Choose wisely.

Don’t send an email when you should pick up the phone instead.

Don’t send a text when an email makes more sense.

Don’t have a meeting when a memo is more likely to get the point across.

Don’t give a speech when a blog post would reach more people with more impact.

And don’t write it down when it’s better said live…

Speaking of SMP Time I found this in my in box this week. I must say a number of the “Good Practices “ I tried to adopt in my time – I hope that they provide some insights for you all too.

I will sign off here – energy permitting there may even be a Saturday surprise …Time will tell.

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