On staying positive

Sometimes that climb to the summit feels beyond our reach no matter what we try or how much we want it.

The big question then is what next What can you do if you feel this way ? Is there a fix , a solution? I guess that is always dependent on the size of the fight in the dog but sometimes despite everything you need to take stock of where you are.

Why is it then that the advice that almost everyone always gives is to stay positive. Reality dictates that it is more rational to reassess and reflect first.

Perhaps the ambitions and goals are too high or too far out of reach. It can be tough to stay positive when in fact things are going badly or if the journey has been long.

Truth be told things don’t always go well, Life can hand out lemons and almost everyone will at some stage feel that they could be in better place. I guess the trick is to find ways to stay motivated …to keep a handle on reality.

For me this week could have been better, the ongoing waiting for an improvement to be able to restart medication is frankly extremely frustrating. Accompanying the continual abdominal pains  presumably due to the liver/kidney  damage has been the latest (albeit for the past two months now) burning feet side effect.

Finding solace is not easy – painkillers are ineffective against the neural signals my brain keeps receiving – I know that my feet are not really on fire, even if it feels that way. Staying positive takes on a new challenge. In fact walking around – house or shops can be a mission in itself.

The voices tell me to look for the positives in the small things – getting up, showering, brushing the Destroyer! Seemingly inconsequential activities become major achievements, stumbling around behind a shopping trolley (yes, they can do home deliveries but that seems too easy!) all delivers purpose. It could be worse.

The message is that no matter what it actually does help to stop and reflect (take stock of the present) The advice from the support team at the Revalidation center advises meditation, hobbies and creativity. All super suggestions unless you get to a point of unresponsive hands or fingers. In this case some serious reflection is needed but again, it’s the little things that can be satisfying. I would love to say I’ve done everything I had in mind during the week – that wasn’t the case , but I think I’ve done enough ! next week is a chance to do more !

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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