It’s never too late to start

Saturday Reflections, It’s never too late to start ! 06.07.2019

Its H2 of 2019 , certainly happened a little quicker than expected and I’m not too sure I’ve hit many of my targets for this year ( yet!).

A little ironic but the Saturday’s tunes are belting out and apparently, we should drop the pilot …(Joan Armatrading 😊).

I’m right on target
My aim is straight…

Well I’m not so sure of that , the last few months have really been …let’s just say uncomfortable. Advise from the experts is to advise if anything changes …You look good ! (No Comment), and yes the hair is getting longer ( I know). So – what about dropping the pilot then?

Part of my monthly, weekly, daily routines ( apart from the tomato plantation, Destroyer and Beastly that is) is to scour the web in search of miracle solutions for the scourge that is MS. One of the common strings is diet regimes . You can easily pick one from ultra left to ultra right ( No its not political)

When I first got diagnosed ( I guess 4 years ago now) I read every single “credible” resource I could find. I must add that these books were mostly written by firstly Doctors but more importantly Doctors who had contracted MS. Admittedly some were newbies and they typically had an early start to delay the progression , others had it worse. The bottom line is everyone has a story – you just need to find the one that works !!!

To namedrop a few , Wahls, OMS (George Jelinek), Roy Swank and recently “The China Study”,  Atkins , Modified Atkins, Ketogenic , Full Fast mode !!

As said you can pick your poison ! From Protein to Vegan to a calorie starved regime.

A long time ago ( it seems ) I was seeing a homeopathic doctor – all said and done he recommended I become a caveman and follow a Paleo existence …and get rid of my WiFi, Mobile phone , watch …electricity and eat nuts and berries. Also, I should be in a communal sect and stop thinking too much. Green juice was bad, sugars were sadistic, meat was evil and no Spinach or Soy …

OK , the second option was to try be healthier but at the time I was on Techfidera ( Di Methyl Fumarate) a beast of a medicine that just destroyed my digestive system for the next two years until I had a relapse and was promptly stopped ( Apparently most patients stop after 6 months due to the side effects !). All the while the pilot advised to stay positive and keep going …

Then its been the trial , less of the side effects ( apart from the cortisosteroids) for two years until the damage to kidneys and liver stopped that trial ( December 2018).

All the way I’ve had the constant pain that is the “MS Hug” , the erratic spasms of the stomach muscles due to misfiring neurons in the nerve systems – unfortunately it plays a lot of havoc with most plans as it is totally unpredictable ( I will elaborate another time perhaps ).

So…the point ( finally)

I have decided this week to try a new approach , call it the improvised Fast ! (Keto type)

I am now trying to limit all sugar ( not difficult as I am more of a spiceman) , no dairy , meat free , no carbs…and so it began Monday until Wednesday with just water followed by a salad on Thursday …

Yes, I feel slightly better for it. I’m trying to still find the path to comfort but no mountain is easy to climb. Its also never too late to start ( again)

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MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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