I need more data …

New beginnings !

The week is rearing to go and I’m on board – it’s been tough the last few days , eliminating all dairy, meat, sugars, carbs is difficult with respect to planning …grilled tofu and broccoli, peppers and courgettes seem to be the way to go …not forgetting mushrooms !

The trouble with trying these different options is almost always the lack of insight, not enough facts or subjective conditions. I would far rather base my hopes on definite scientific proof but unfortunately …That’s Life.

For now its explore and discover. This is a good intro for an interesting anecdote I came across during the week – probably touching on the “Making (Good) Decisions “ reflection from a few months ago.

“I wish I had more data”


More data is usually available. It takes time or money, but you can get more data.

But you’re probably not using all the data you’ve already got.

I’m guessing what you meant was, “I wish I had more certainty.”

And that, unfortunately, isn’t available.

If it’s worth the work you put into it and the change you seek to make, it’s worth dancing with the uncertainty. Reassurance isn’t going to come from more data–that’s a stall.

Forward motion is the best way to make things better. (A Seth anecdote!)

Strange that I’m already at the keys for the Saturday Reflections while its only Monday …yes cooler this week and the 14 degrees is sweet (for now at least).

Friday today and while there was a promise of rain …not yet ! I imagine it will come down in torrents somewhere else today – just not here.

It’s been a tormenting week but here we are, just got news this morning that a long time friend has passed during the night, another taken too early . RIP Fini , you were an amazing woman and a special friend for decades

Have a great week ahead all.

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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