An ode to Chandra

Dealing with harsh realities

This week has had some ups and downs.

Following the euphoria of reconnecting with many friends and colleagues on Wednesday night what followed was the heartache of making to make a harsh but necessary decision.

One of our tribe Chandra (the Great) has sadly left us. Or rather I had to make the decision to throw in the towel for him following a long decay that he perhaps didn’t acknowledge, certainly he kept pace with me and only grumbled ever so slightly when stumbled on. 

To say we are saddened is an understatement. He has been part of this tribe since 2002, a long time indeed and just like when humans leave us, his departure has not been easy.

Him and his brother Salem were factory rescue cats and made the intercontinental transfer with the family in 2007. He was #1 in the hierarchy, even Jake (the Destroyer) stood in his shadow.

Today most notably the early morning wake-up cuddle was not there and despite the sun streaming through the window his usual place on the window ledge was vacant , no shadows on the wall for Jake to watch ( despite him sitting waiting in anticipation)

On this sombre note I could not help but think again about all the things to be ever thankful for, most notably family and friendship (human or furry babies alike).

My fundamental passions in life apart from my family are without any ranking or favorite, Psychology or rather why people do what they do, Philosophy and Physics (call it my 3 P’s). One of my favorite philosophers , poet call him what you like is Kahlil Gibran and when I was a little younger I absorbed all his writings available and tried to make sense of this thing we call life through trying to understand what he saw.

Following the events of the week my head was just not in support of creating any philosophical reflection, rather I just wanted to share this from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

I will truly miss him

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