A week to remember

Last week is behind us, a new one is about to unfold.

To say that I’m glad last week is over is an understatement but we will persevere, falling forward is the only way to get through any rough patch so …bring it on.

To early to get excited but the new regime seems to have eliminated some of the discomforts and pain, now just to also just keep pushing forward.

I’ve slipped and started watching some political debates again (I know, I know …WHY !!!!) . This has unfortunately just amped up my general aversion to all things political and (not unexpectedly …) started me thinking (again)

This led me (also not unexpectedly) to a few gems this week.

Principles and being let off the hook

Principles that we suspend during difficult times aren’t really principles. Principles really count when they’re difficult to maintain.

That’s not the same thing, though, as refusing to consider the edge cases.

“Free speech,” is a fine principle, one to live by. But shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theatre isn’t allowed, for good reason.

The edge cases are always subject to endless debate. There are no easy bright lines. It’s tempting, then, to never consider the edge cases. A rule’s a rule.

But principles without judgment aren’t the easy path they seem to be. Because without our judgment on the edge cases, we’ve given up responsibility. It’s no longer our decision if we’re not making a decision.

The hard work involves willingly being on the hook for making a tough call.

The second anecdote also comes in at the appropriate moment to reflect on another issue we seem to be constantly subjected to..the quick fix.

Squeaky wheels

Do you really want the grease?

Or would you rather make things better?

The best way to contribute to a community or a brand isn’t by complaining.

It’s by making things better.

Taking responsibility (without authority) and creating a positive cycle of generous action. Leading by example. Finding a small corner where you can make a difference–and then making a difference.

We keep optimizing our systems for squeaky wheels.

But often, all we get is a patch, not a fix.

Well the out look for the next few days is hot hot . Stay cool (or hot if you prefer) and enjoy the July vacation, travel safe

Published by Daniel Taylor

MS Warrior with an affinity for 80's New Wave music and deep philosophical ramblings...and coffee , definitely coffee

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